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Welcome curators! Your task is to create a gallery exhibit devoted to the works of a notable German/Austrian artist. You will be using VoiceThread as your gallery space.

Suggested Artists:
Max Ackermann, Max Beckmann, Paula Modersohn, Marianne Brandt, Otto Dix, Max Ernst, Alfred Eisenstadt, George Groszexternal image schuheaufrechnung.gif, Hannah Hoch, Paul Klee, K├Ąthe Kollwitz, Gustav Klimt, Ernst Kirchner, August Macke, Franz Marc, Oskar Schlemmer, Kurt Schwitters, Rosemarie Trockel

  • Create a VoiceThread account. Dr. Valenza will add you to the school's educators' account.
  • Create an (appropriate) avatar to represent your role as curator.
  • Use the pathfinder below (and the Alexandria catalog) to help you locate images and information
  • Open a folder to collect images prior to uploading them.
  • Open PowerPoint and create one slide, on which you will record your sources. We will later save that slide as a jpg to import in VoiceThreadexternal image softwarepyramide.gif.

Include in your gallery:
  • Five major works of your chosen artist
  • Each work should be titled and dated as it would be in a real museum. Include URLs for the painting's actual site on the Web.
  • Your last slide should be a PowerPoint jpg citing all of your sources, including full citations for your images.

As a curator, your voice commentary will be in German.
You will prepare a draft script prior to recording to edit and to share with Herr Martin.

In your script, you will external image arrow-10x10.png:
  • Brief biography of the artist
  • For each work explore the social/historical context
  • Creative elements
  • Artistic strategies/style
  • Why should the museum visitor appreciate this work?
  • What do you find moving or special about it?
  • Where does the work fit in terms of artistic movements?

Your voice should convey appropriate interest, energy, and professionalism.

Shifting roles: You are now a museum visitor!
Following the exhibit opening, you will visit two galleries of your choice with your avatar.

As a museum visitor you will comment on two works of your choice.

As a visitor, your comments (in German) might include:
  • your personal impression of the work
  • how the curators' comments helped your better understand the work
  • additional information you might add relating to history or art
  • questions remaining about the work


Resources / Pathfinder:
We have hundreds of art books. Use the Alexandria Catalog to help you find external image waschmaschine-test.gifthem!

Free Web Sources